Build Your Database of Prospects

The biggest value of aged life insurance leads is building your follow ups…or what we refer to as your database of prospects.

A lot of agents determine a good lead source by how many new clients they get immediately. You will get new clients and “one call closes”, but the biggest value of aged leads is all the follow ups you’re setting.

We’ve been working internet leads for years and trust us when we say it’s all about timing. Some prospects will buy now, most prospects will buy later. You just need to build trust and have a good follow up system. If you can do that, you’ll love aged leads.

If you’re having good conversations and setting follow ups, there’s no way this campaign can’t be profitable for you (because these leads are SO cheap). The new clients will follow.

What we are offering: Our goal is to give you the opportunity to legally speak with people and we give you the opportunity to use your telemarketing and sales skills to move the conversation toward life insurance.

Some prospects will say, “I never requested life insurance information” and this could be true. However, you are now “having a conversation”, which is all we guarantee, about life insurance and it is up to you to move the conversation forward.

Agents may also think “I can have the same results by just calling any available list of names”. The fact is, this is not true. Our list is TCPA compliant which means, regardless of what a prospect may tell you, you have the “legal” right to call them. Calling from the White Pages or any random list of names, does not give you that legal right.

Where Do These Leads Come From?

We don’t generate these leads ourselves. We aggregate them from data feeds being fed into ping-post systems. Let us explain.

The major lead vendors we’ve all heard of are using a technology called “ping posting”. Ping posting connects marketers with lead vendors by allowing the marketers to “ping” the lead vendors with information they just collected of a life insurance consumer.

If the information collected passes the lead vendors verification platforms, the lead vendor will accept the lead (aka “post” the lead), pay the marketer and be automatically distributed as an exclusive or shared lead to us life insurance agents.

The data we’re sending to you is the raw data that’s being sent through these ping posting systems – whether accepted or not. So some of the data we’re receiving won’t be high quality, but we do our best to bring up the quality by:

  1. We only purchase TCPA compliant data. Meaning on the website the information was collected, there’s verbiage that they will be contacted. If there’s any complaints by one of your leads, we can trace the lead back to the source so everyone’s butts are covered.
  2. We send this data through a 3rd party validation software that knocks out 20% of the data sent to us. We work hard to make sure you do not get too many disconnected numbers or email bounces.
  3. Our Full Disclosure about the leads. We want to make 100% sure you fully agree to our terms and conditions as they apply to these leads. Please read our full disclosure before you consider purchasing these leads! Follow this link, HERE

We’re not claiming to send you the best leads. That’s not our value proposition. Our value proposition is this:

By being the “human” filter to this data, your cost per acquisition will be lower than any real-time shared or exclusive internet lead.

Return on Investment

Ahh…the #1 question asked when someone calls us so let’s address it front and center on our home page.

It depends!

YOUR ROI will depend on your sales skills, your follow up systems, your underwriting experience, how long you contact the leads, what products you offer, your product line, your commission levels etc.

I can tell you we have agents writing 1 out of every 50 leads consistently and we have agents writing 1 out of every 500 leads (still profitable)…and both are making it work because the acquisition costs are there. And remember that number will get better as time goes on because of all the follow-ups.

We’ve priced it so if you make just 1 sale, you’ll have a great ROI.