1-Day Old Lead Case Study – B. Cranson

This agent is purchasing life insurance leads in his local area. He purchased 500 leads in his zip code for $0.75/ea.

Here are his statistics so far (click the image to get it bigger):


180 leads received
517 total calls
23 unique contacts made
8 qualified prospects that he qualified and quoted.

In other words, he’s received $135 worth of leads (180 leads x $0.75) and has 8 people within his local area that are potential clients. That’s an effective rate of $16 per “quoted” lead.  You can’t get those type of numbers anywhere else.

These days exclusive leads are going for $25/ea – and that’s just a lead.  Who knows if you’re going to even get to speak with them, let alone qualify and quote them.

You should also note that he’s called each lead an average of 3 times already.  When he gets through his full call schedule, there will be more qualified prospects.

I’ll update this case study when his 500 leads are up and I’m sure he’ll re-order.