Case Study – Aged Final Expense Leads

Working Final Expense Aged Life Insurance Leads and using a Telemarketer As we have shown in a past study, creating a steady source of quality Life Insurance Leads using aged leads is not difficult. In this Blog we would like to address Aged Final Expense Life Insurance leads. Aged leads provide an abundant source of […]

Case Study – Aged Leads and a Telemarketer

Making it Rain with Aged Leads and a Telemarketer Creating a steady source of quality life insurance sales prospects using aged leads is not magic. It doesn’t require an upgrade in your software, it doesn’t require you to take on big financial risks but it does require a fundamental shift in your perception of aged […]

1-Day Old Lead Case Study – B. Cranson

This agent is purchasing life insurance leads in his local area. He purchased 500 leads in his zip code for $0.75/ea. Here are his statistics so far (click the image to get it bigger): 180 leads received 517 total calls 23 unique contacts made 8 qualified prospects that he qualified and quoted. In other words, […]

Building a Database of Buyers with Aged Life InsuranceLeads

Working aged life insurance leads takes a much different approach than working real-time leads. Your main goal is always to take an application, but an equal goal should be building your database of interested buyers. Let me explain. Besides my website, the biggest asset I have is my database of people who I qualified over […]

Aged Life Insurance Leads Return on Investment

Disclaimer:  This for 20-60 day old life insurance leads. Let me start by saying that there are several aged life insurance lead vendors out there claiming 2%-5% sales with aged life insurance leads.  These numbers are completely false. Is taking an application on 2%-5%  possible?  Over a small sample if you get lucky…sure it’s “possible”.  Likely? […]