FAQ about our Aged Life Insurance Leads

Aged Leads QuestionsFAQ – Common Questions About our Aged Life Insurance leads:



  1. Where do you get your leads?
    Leads are gathered via a Ping Post online marketing system. The prospect fills out an offer and checks a box asking for more information about Life insurance or the prospect may fill out a Life Insurance quote request form. We aggregate this raw data from several lead vendors.
  2. Do you filter your leads and if so what do you verify?
    We only purchase TCPA Compliant data. We then send the data through a 3rd party validation software. We do our best to ensure we have  good phone numbers and we do our best to verify email addresses, but if the prospect did not put in a real email or an old address there is nothing we can do. Though not perfect we are confident that our aged leads are the best available.
  3. Are the leads resold to other agents?
    These are not exclusive leads and there is the chance that another agent may get the same lead.
  4. What results can I expect?
    Click HERE for a recent study. As a summary, for every 1,000 leads called, you should expect to submit 3-4 apps. Out of that, you will probably close 1-2. The other important value, is that you are building a database of future business.
  5. What Data will I receive?
    The data given:
    Date of Lead /Name/Phone #’s/Email/State and Zip Code
  6. Can you run custom lead searches?
    Yes, we can run certain criteria: Smoker / Non-Smoker and by Gender. We plan to add other criteria searches. However, the more you exclude or include in the searches, less leads may be available. Contact us for further information
  7. What about on-going monthly custom orders for several thousand leads per month?
    Yes, we can set up monthly lead pulls that will be automatically sent to you. Contact us for further information
  8. Who are you?
    We are active and experienced Life Insurance agents. We have all started our businesses by working-aged leads. We know the lead grind and we have all been there. Our goal is to help you grow your business.
  9. Do you offer Telemarketing services?
    We do not, however, we have seen good results with www.leadheroes.com.

We’re not claiming to send you the best leads. That’s not our value proposition. Our value proposition is this:

By being the “human” filter to this data, your cost per acquisition will be lower than any real-time shared or exclusive internet lead.