Origin of Data

We want to be as transparent as possible with how we’re getting this data.

And lets be clear – we’re not selling high quality leads this cheap.

The value of this data lies in the agent “mining” for the gems themselves. That’s why the data is priced so low.

What Is The Origin of These Leads?

We don’t generate these aged life insurance leads ourselves. We aggregate them from data feeds being fed into ping-post systems.

It’s important to understand what a “ping-post” or a “ping tree” is to understand the data we’re offering.

The major lead vendors we’ve all heard of are using a technology called “ping posting”. Ping posting connects marketers with lead vendors by allowing the marketers to “ping” the lead vendors with information they just collected of a life insurance consumer.

If the information collected passes the lead vendors verification platforms, the lead vendor will accept the lead (aka “post” the lead), pay the marketer and be automatically distributed as an exclusive or shared lead to us life insurance agents.

The leads we’re sending to you are the raw data that’s being sent through these ping posting systems – whether accepted or not. At some point, the lead either filled out a form, checked a box or indicated somewhere online that they were interested in life insurance.

Marketers are sneaky though.

Here’s an example: A marketer may incentivize people to check a box of something they’re interested in to win a free iPad and one of those checked boxes may be “life insurance” and they’ll take that data, append the data they filled out on the offer and send it as a lead through a ping tree to try and get paid on it. There is a trail of that person requesting life insurance, so it’s deemed a legitimate lead.

On the other hand, there’s quality offers as well. There are websites out there that market life insurance via the search engines, pay per click, email marketing etc that promote life insurance offers and send it through the ping trees as well.

In the examples above, we’re getting all the data whether accepted or not on the very next day.

How We “Scrub” The Incoming Data

Some of the data we’re receiving won’t be high quality, but we do our best to bring up the quality by implementing 2 things:

1. We only purchase TCPA compliant data.

Meaning on the website the information was collected, there’s verbiage that they will be contacted. If there’s any formal complaints by one of your leads (very, very rare – I don’t know anyone it’s happened to), we can trace the lead back to the source so we can prove we have consent to contact them.

A lot of our competitors will buy any data they can get their hands on and we’ve found the cheaper non-TCPA compliant data to be low quality so we don’t purchase from those feeds.

Having only TCPA data come through brings up the quality of these leads.

2. We send this data through XVerify

XVerify is a 3rd party validation system that knocks out around 20% of the data we receive from our data feeds. You won’t have many disconnected numbers because all will pass the filters in xverify.

Taking all of these precautions, we’re still going to get incorrect names, phone numbers, addresses, date of births etc in many instances. That’s typical with every lead though – no one likes to provide their entire contact information.

NOTE: There is NO verification of a Phone Number to a Name, only that the phone number is active. This is our number one complaint. Please understand that people who fill out the insurance requests, will occasionally, put in bogus phone numbers, names and other data. There is nothing we can do to prevent this and this is why our leads are so inexpensive.

Bottom Line

  • We’ve done our best to filter this raw data as much as possible.
  • If you’re willing to be the human filter and make the calls, you’re going to reach some great prospects for VERY cheap.
  • You’re going to reach people who don’t remember requesting anything. We want to be clear, that’s to be expected with this data because of the reasons listed above.
  • Our list is TCPA compliant which means, regardless of what a prospect may tell you, you have the “legal” right to call them.

Data Fields you will receive:

Lead Date / First Name / Last Name / State / Zip / Phone/ DOB/ Est. of Insurance Type / Est. of Coverage Amt